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Our Angola tours are led by Angola expert Michael Mills and have been the first tours to find all the country’s endemics. We’ve been running Angola tours regularly since our first visit to the country in 2003.

For more than thirty years Angola’s highly sought after endemic birds were beyond safe reach. Gladly, things have changed for the better and the country has become a peaceful and safe country to visit. However, few birders and ornithologists have yet wandered through its extraordinary landscapes, and no single person has seen all the nation’s endemic species.

Join us and complete your turaco or mousebird sightings with the striking Red-crested Turaco or Red-backed Mousebird. Be one of the first birders to see Swierstra’s Spurfowl, or just enjoy notching up species seen by only a handful of birders: Gabela Helmetshrike, Gabela Bushshrike, White-headed Robin-Chat, Angola Cave Chat, Pulitzer’s Longbill or Gabela Akalat.

Our trip has been newly designed by guide Michael Mills, who was based in Angola following his survey work. Our tour is designed to avoid camping and spend every night at hotels (see our trip reports).

Tour reviews

We had a great time with Birding Africa in Angola! Michael made sure us we found all the species on our wishlist. Highly recommended!

David Smith
London, UK

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