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This all-embracing 18-day tour to Ghana affords participants the opportunity to see the spectacular Yellow-headed Picathartes, one of Africa’s most unusual and desirable birds.

We will visit two different nesting colonies, because we know how hard it is to fully appreciate this amazing species during a single visit. The birds won’t be breeding, but we expect to see birds coming in to roost in the late afternoon.

Besides seeing the Yellow-headed Picathartes (or White-necked Rockfowl) we will also have the opportunity to sample a rich variety of lowland forest birds, including a good selection of Upper Guinea endemics, in and around the famous Kakum National Park, Ankasa Reserve and several other small forests. One of the highlights of the trip will be birding from the canopy walkway in Kakum forest, on two mornings.

To add to forest bird diversity we visit open-country sites Shai Hills and Mole National Park, where we expect to see numerous West African savanna birds.

Our 18-day itinerary includes the Shai Hills, Kalakpa Reserve, Atewa Hills, Mole National Park, Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary, Kakum National Park, Ankasa Reserve and Nsuta Forest.

Guaranteed Departure - 2 spaces

Ghana: Comprehensive (BA2503)

17 Days
Availability : 15 - 31 January 2025
Tour Leader: Michael Mills