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Liberia & Sierre Leone

Our Upper Guinea Specials Tourcombining Liberia and Sierre Leone – is one of several African tours that we have pioneered, and puts the comfort back into birding this little-known region. Gone are the tough hikes and rough camping required on other tours to Sierra Leone, without compromising on the birds.

Our tour, uniquely, combines the best of Liberia and Sierra Leone (separate, back-to-back tours), in reasonable comfort. Sturdy 4x4s are used throughout and all nights are accommodated in hotels or guest houses, with no camping required.

In Liberia our entire focus will be on the rich forests of the Mount Nimba area. Highlights here may include Sierra Leone Prinia, Black-headed Rufous Warbler, Nimba Flycatcher, Gola Malimbe and Yellow-bearded Greenbul, among many other forest species.

Birding in Sierra Leone will be more mixed with gallery habitats accessed at Tiwai Island, lowland rainforest at Tiwai and Gola, and moist savanna at Bumbuna. Top birds we will be searching for include Rufous Fishing Owl, White-crested Tiger Heron, African Pitta, Yellow-headed Picathartes, Emerald Starling, Crimson Seedcracker, Turati’s Boubou and Togo Paradise Whydah.

Upper Guinea Special: Liberia & Sierre Leone (BA2500)

8 + 9 Days
Availability : 4 - 19 February 2025
Tour Leader: Michael Mills