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With 1100 bird species, including more than 20 endemics and near-endemics, and lots of easy open-country birding and big game, Kenya is simply a must-do birding destination.

Our Kenya tour focusses on what’s unique – the endemics and near-endemics – and is split into five convenient snippets if you don’t have enough time to do it all at once.

Key habitats taken in on the tour are coastal forests at Arabuko-Sokoke (with Sokoke Scops Owl and Fischer’s Turaco), highland grasslands at Aberdares and Kinangop (with Aberdare Cisticola and Sharpe’s Longclaw), highland forests at Taita Hills, Aberdares, Gatamaiyu and Mt Kenya (with Taita Apalis, Abbot’s Starling and Hartlaub’s Turaco), tropical forest at Kakamega (with Turner’s Eremomela and Blue-headed Bee-eater), deserts at Marsabit (with Masked Lark, William’s Lark and Heuglin’s Bustard) and savannas at Tsavo East and Tsavo West, Lake Baringo, Buffalo Springs and Masaai Mara (with a whole host of species).

We time our tour to coincide with the main rains and hence resident bird breeding activity, rather than at a time when more Palaearctic migrants are present. Still, we expect to see well over 600 species in total, and lots of mammals too.

Guaranteed Departure

Kenya: Eastern & Main Tour (BA2506)

11 + 13 Days
Availability : 18 April - 10 May 2025
Tour Leader: Michael Mills