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Karoo Mammals & Birds Tour Report

Tour dates: 30 October  – 5 November 2020
Tour Leader: Michael Mills

Our inaugural Karoo Mammals and Birds Tour was an overwhelming success with several rarely seen nocturnal mammals observed well and a good selection of Karoo birds watched at close range.

The four night drives on the back of an open vehicle were the most memorable component of the trip and produced some terrific mammals: four Aardvark, five South African Hedgehogs, two sightings of Hewitt’s Red Rock Rabbit, three sightings of Striped Polecat, four Aardwolf, one Brown Hyaena, more than 15 Bat-eared Fox, several African Wild Cat, one Cape Fox, no less than 25 South African Porcupine, two Long-eared Mice and a couple of African Pygmy Mice.

Our next Karoo Mammals and Birds Tour is scheduled for March 2021 with Michael Mills.

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